Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy,Stage 5 CKD

2014-01-14 16:12

Name: Yaslam

Gender: Male

Age: 52

Country: Yeman

Diagnose: Type 2 diabetes,diabetic nephropathy,CKD stage 5

Patient Word:

type 2 diabetes,diabetic nephropathy,stage 5 CKD Yaslam has had a very long history of diabetes.About 20 years aga, he went to see a doctor for increased thirsty,hunger and urine output.Back to a year and half,renal dysfunction occurred. He was admitted to our hospital on May 4th, 2012.The admission checkup revealed the following results:

BP:180/90mmHg,urine protein:+++,occult blood:+++,24-hour urine protein:1.03g/24h,creatinine 639umol/L,urine volume: 200ml/24h

In addition, blurred vision occurred.Severe edema was present in both legs and feet.Both of lower limbs were not sensitive to cold and stimulation.Also he had very bad mood and poor sleep. After the thorough diagnosis,Yaslam was diagnosed with CKD 5,Diabetic Nephropathy,type 2 diabetes.Renal hypertension, renal anemia and peripheral neuropathy also appear.

Based on his condition, a personalized treatment plan was made. Oral Chinese medicine and western medicine were used to control blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fat. Hot Compress Therapy was applied which could improve blood circulation and delay renal function by restoring the impaired nephrons.

After a course of treatment,the patients have remarkable improvements.The following form describes the patient’s condition before and after the treatment

  chekup result symptoms comparison
Before treatment

Urine protein:+++;

24h urine protein1.03g/24;


Blood glucose: 14.3mmol/L

Blurred vision,

edema in both legs,

pain in lower limbs,

urine volume 200ml/24h

After treatment

Urine protein:++;

24h urine protein:0.63g/24h;


Blood glucose:7.0mmol/L

Vision improvement,

mild edema in both legs,

relief of pain in lower limbs,

urine volume 500ml/24h

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