Mental Health And Chronic Kidney Disease

2013-01-02 09:06
Mental Health And Chronic Kidney Disease

You feel depressed or even hopeless when you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, one of the refractory diseases around the world. With kidney disease, you take various medicines and try every therapy, hoping that you can get rid of it effectively. However, while you are seeking treatments, you are very likely to ignore your mental health which actually is as important as your physical state.

Chronic kidney disease has a long course, during which you may encounter various annoying symptoms like itchy skin. You may feel bad and become anger easily, even if when you face your beloved one. You are guilty with your poor behaviour; however, you lose again in controlling your emotion next time. Chronic kidney problem bothers you and in turn, poor emotion affect your recovery; therefore, learning to manage your emotion and trying to keep mental health are very important.

1. Ask your doctor for help

Tell your doctors about what you are physically feeling: pain, fatigue, dizziness or despair. Your doctors may calm you by telling encouraging words and then teach you some measures to deal with your physical discomforts.

2. Learn to be optimistic

Your mental health is actually up to your attitude toward chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is a refractory disease, but with timely and effective treatment, you are very likely to live a beautiful life without being affected by kidney problem. If you are free from kidney disease, I am sure you will have a better emotion. Therefore, do not lose your hope at any time and struggle against kidney disease bravely.

3. Communicate more with your friends and family members

Do not lock yourself in the room. Open your heart and go to communicate with your friends and family members. Communication is the best method to build confidence and it gets you the support you need.

Mental health is the precondition for one to recover quickly from disease. Around this world, many miracles appears because of confidence and attitude. Thereby, instead of giving up casually, heartening yourself up and we all believe you will be the real winner that defeating chronic kidney disease.

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