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Do Two Things for High Creatinine Level To Prevent Kidney Failure

2018-07-28 08:32

Do Two Things for High Creatinine Level To Prevent Kidney FailureOnce your creatinine level increases, it indicates at least half of your kidneys have been damaged. You are experiencing kidney failure. Actually do the following things which can help you prevent kidney failure.

1. First, find the root cause of elevated creatinine level

There are two kinds of elevated creatinine level:

One is slow elevation. Kidney disease is progressive and high creatinine level is difficult to be reversed.

The other one is acute kidney disease. Blood creatinine level increases by more than 50% in one week. It is mainly caused by infection, high blood pressure, dehydration and nephrotoxic drugs, etc. If these factors can be treated, high creatinine level will be reduced effectively.

2. Second, improve blood microcirculation in the kidney

In inflammatory stage, steroids and immunosuppressive agents can be used to control infection. Then proteinuria can be stopped and to gain clinical cure. But for renal failure stage, treatments are quite different.

Kidneys are composed of capillary network and support life movement through the microcirculation of capillaries. If kidney failure occurs, the most problem is hypertension and hypoxia-ischemia. Thus, the key point for kidney treatment is to reduce blood pressure and correct anemia.

Patients with high blood pressure and anemia need to some medicines. Hypertensive medicines like sartan/pril and calcium antagonist can be used. Erythrotropin and iron can be used for correcting anemia.

The above methods can help you prevent kidney failure. If you still have any doubt, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly.

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