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Treat Proteinuria, High Urea and Creatinine Level In This Way

2018-12-14 06:26

Uncle Zhao is a kidney patient and his treatment experience is full of setbacks. To get treated, he has visited hospital in Shanxi, Hebei and Beijing. But the treatment result is not good. His creatinine level keeps increasing. Finally he comes to our hospital for treatment under one of kidney friends’ introduction.

10 years ago, in his physical examination, the reports showed protein 1+ and occult blood +-. But he did not take any treatment.

5 years ago, he could not bear the pain in his feet toes. He went to hospital for checkup and the result showed creatinine level 83umol/L, uric acid 680umol/L and urea nitrogen 5.6mmol/L. He took medication for a period of time and the pain disappeared. After leaving the hospital, he continued to take medication and the pain was on and off. Besides, creatinine level and uric acid level was fluctuating.

2 years ago, his medical reports showed protein 2+, 24h urine protein quantity 3.52g, creatinine level 255umol/L, uric acid 617umol/L and urea nitrogen 11.77mmol/L. He took a renal biopsy and he was diagnosed with kidney failure. After a period of treatment in his local hospital, creatinine level kept increasing instead of decreasing.

In order to get better treatment, he went to a hospital in Beijing. But there was no improvement. He left the hospital.

Finally uncle Zhao came to our hospital- our Hospital for treatment with the help of one of his friends.

Before our treatment

Serum creatinine level 625umol/L

Uric acid 738umol/L

Urea nitrogen 19.7mmol/L

24h urine protein quantity 3.92g
Treat Proteinuria, High Urea and Creatinine Level In This Way
Treat Proteinuria, High Urea and Creatinine Level In This Way

His proteinuria had been 10 years and it did not get well controlled. Long time of massive proteinuria leads to damage on glomerular filtration barrier, causing kidney damage. Moreover, due to improper diet in daily life, it causes high uric acid level. High uric acid level and high creatinine level contribute to kidney failure.

After our treatment

After a period of unique Chinese medicine treatments in our hospital like Medicated Bath, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture, Moxibustion Therapy, Medicinal Soup and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, etc, high creatinine level was reduced to 474umol/L, urea nitrogen was lowered to 10.1mmol/L, 24h urine protein quantity was 1.94g. Also high uric acid level was back to normal during this treatment process.
Treat Proteinuria, High Urea and Creatinine Level In This Way
Treat Proteinuria, High Urea and Creatinine Level In This Way

Of course, apart from professional Chinese medicine treatments, we also arranged strict diet plan for uncle Zhao. Our Chinese medicine treatments treat proteinuria, high urea and creatinine level through repairing kidney damage and improving renal function. In this way, no relapse occurs and no side effects are caused. Kidney failure patients can take them safely.

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Treat Proteinuria, High Urea and Creatinine Level In This Way