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Dialysis Is Not Our Option for Failing Kidney

2019-01-05 05:41

Dialysis Is Not Our Option for Failing KidneyDialysis is a common treatment for failing kidney. But more and more patients reject dialysis and say dialysis is not their option. They want to find alternative remedy for failing kidney.

Dialysis is an artificial kidney which helps failing kidney discharge excess fluid and wastes out. This can relieve your illness condition. But dialysis can not repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function. Under such a circumstance, patients may suffer from relapse again like elevated creatinine level, nausea, vomiting and swelling, etc. Besides, dialysis itself can also bring some side effects like low blood pressure, infection, muscle cramp and constipatio and so on. This is the reason why dialysis is rejected by kidney patients.

Is there any alternative method for failing kidney instead of dialysis?

In our hospital, China, our expert group creates an advanced therapy called Toxin-Removing Treatment. TCM holds that toxins in our body is the source of all diseases. If toxins deposit in our body and circulate with blood flow for a long time, this will damage our organs’ function and then cause blood pollution, immune system disorder, lipid metabolism disorders. In this condition, weak liver, endocrine disorder and imbalanced body fluid. In severe condition, it can also cause nervous system disease and affect your mood. Besides, toxins can also cause diabetes, obesity, kidney failure, uremia and threaten your life.

Dialysis can remove part of toxins out but it is not enough. It only removes small molecular substances while middle and large molecular substances are still in your body. Dialysis can not treat failing kidney from the root.

In order to discharge toxins effectively, our hospital uses Toxin-Removing Treatment which is based on Chinese medicines including Oral Chinese Medicine Soup, Mai Kang Mixture, Moxibustion Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath and Medicated Foot Bath, etc. Our Chinese medicines can cleanse your blood environment and recover kidneys’ detoxifying ability. Besides, Chinese medicines can also supply more necessary nutrients for injured kidneys. In a clean and nutritious blood environment, it is able to heal kidneys and improve renal function gradually.

Dialysis is not our only option for kidneys. You can get rid of dialysis with our Chinese medicine treatment. The earlier you take treatment, the better the curative effect will be.

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