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PKD, Creatinine 3.3, BUN 180, will Chinese Herbs Help

2012-10-27 14:56


I have Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) condition, with cysts at both kidneys. My grandmother had uremia. I am a woman, 57 years old. Now I have no treatment with medicines only diet without salt and low protein. Is there any treatment for my condition?


The low sodium and low protein diet will be good for managing blood pressure and reducing damage to the kidneys for your current condition. As you have mentioned, is it also PKD that caused Uremia in grandmother now right? Does she on dialysis now?

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic kidney disorder characterized by flusters of cysts in the kidneys. To be honest, for the PKD patients as your age, generally both their kidney size and cyst size will be larger, so your situation is not so bad, but both your serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen levels are high, which means that now more than 50% renal function has loose, now what we need to do it protect the remained renal function and repair damaged kidney cells.

For your current condition, besides low salt and low protein, you will need to restrict low potassium foods which include all kinds of edible fungi, potato, Chinese yam, cabbage, date, banana, orange, white fungus, peach, apricot, spinach, rape, etc. And reduce high phosphorus content products such as seaweed, laver, animals’ bowels, sesame, tea, honey, yolk, etc. Avoid using animal oil while cooking .Take vegetable oil mainly, don’t take fatty food. It is better for the kidney patient to corn oil contained unsaturated fatty acid. Better to choose high quality of proteins such as egg white, fine lean meat, bean products, melon seeds, etc. Note to avoid such spicy foods as onion, ginger, garlic; avoid smoke and liquor.

Since you ask whether there is treatment for your age, I think now maybe you know less about traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Chinese medicines will help to accelerate blood circulation, reabsorb fluid from the cysts, shrink the cysts and stop damage to the kidneys from the growing cysts, in this way we can prevent deterioration of kidney function caused by PKD and slow the disease course. That would be helpful for you.

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