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What Are the Treatments for Parapelvic Cysts

2012-11-20 16:08

Parapelvic cyst refers to the cyst growing in renal pelvis, a conical bladder and is responsible for collecting urine. Since renal pelvis plays a very important role in our normal life, it is necessary to receive medical treatment or take some medical measurements once parapelvic cyst is diagnosed. Well then, what are the treatments for parapelvic cyst.

1. Regulate examination

Although parapelvic cyst can affect our life, not everyone with parapelvic cyst definitely needs medical treatment. Generally, when parapelvic cyst is less than 5cm and meanwhile causes no symptoms, what patients need to do is to keep it under observation. Conversely, if the cyst is bigger than 5cm or parapelvic cyst has caused abnormal symptoms, medical treatment should be given to prevent it from causing further damages.

2. Surgery

Surgery is one of the medical treatments of parapelvic cyst and it includes open renal cysts decompression , laparoscopic surgery, paracentesis and excision of cyst. Surgery shows quick treatment effects in treating parapelvic cyst. However, surgery is risky as it causes infection easily. Besides, although surgery helps to remove cyst from renal pelvis, parapelvic cyst is painful and relapses easily.

3. Chinese medicine

Apart the above treatments, parapelvic cyst patients also can adopt Chinese medicine treatment. Different from surgery, Chinese medicines work comparatively slowly, but it is more natural and safer. Chinese medicines treat parapelvic cyst by shrinking cyst. Prapelvic cyst causes damages when it becomes very large, so through shrinking cyst, further damages can be avoided. Furthermore, Chinese medicines contain large amounts of nutrition which can contribute to the recovery of damaged renal tissues. Therefore, parapelvic cyst treated by Chinese medicine does not relapse.

There are different treatments for parapelvic cysts in clinic and they have different advantageous and disadvantageous. No matter what treatment you choose, protecting kidney function should be ultimate goal.

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