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Should Parapelvic Kidney Cyst be Treated

2012-09-22 16:22

Kidney cyst is a medical condition wherein cysts depend within the kidneys. Kidney cyst can be divided into several types, depending on the area the cyst is located: medullary kidney cyst, referring to cysts on renal medulla; cortical renal cyst, cyst that grows on renal cortex; Parapelvic kidney cyst, nephrolithiasis or urinary obstruction. We will focus on introducing Parapelvic kidney cyst in this passage.

Should Parapelvic kidney cyst be treated? You will need to learn about the disease first of all after the diagnosis.

Renal Parapelvic kidney cyst is benign renal lesion. It may derive from lymphatic vessels, or the renal parenchyma adjacent to renal pelvis. The diagnosis is made by imaging test, especially CT scanning. Renal pelvis, chiefly speaking, collects urine from renal tubules and the urine is then transported to ureter. Parapelvic kidney cyst may result in urinary tract obstructions as the cysts grow larger to occupy normal renal structures. An IVP exam is essential to confirm bilateral kidney function, renal collecting system structure, and risks of complications.

Should Parapelvic kidney cyst be treated? No symptoms may occur when the cyst is small. Waist pains, distension or other discomfort may occur when a growing cyst oppresses renal pelvic ureter. The cyst may suppress renal tissues, leading to renal ischemia and elevating blood pressure. A ruptured kidney cyst will cause blood in urine. Combined hydronephrosis will cause waist distending pains and abdominal mass. Those with a cyst smaller than 3cm will need close investigation, low sodium diet, avoid strenuous exercise, plenty of water and give up smoking and drinking to reduce any risk in accelerating cyst growth or increasing risks of complications. Currently, decortications and pumping liquid surgeries are most commonly applied for removal of a kidney cyst. A parapelvic kidney cyst, however, is in deep layer of the kidneys so a successful operation is less likely. Laparoscope is a latent approach that may improve success rate of the surgery, however, high chance of relapse of the cyst still remains as the most concerned issue.

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