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Can A Kidney Cyst Raise Your Blood Pressure

2012-09-26 15:43

can a kidney cyst raise your blood pressureA kidney cyst may raise our blood pressure if left alone, especially when it enlarges to a certain size. Therefore, for people with kidney cyst, regular measurement for blood pressure is necessary.

Kidney cyst causes blood pressure by affecting our kidney function. Kidney is an internal organ with function of filtering blood, discharging wastes, regulating blood pressure and reabsorbing nutrition that leaked from glomeruli. For a small cyst, it may not dangerous enough to affect kidney function, but if it enlarges quickly over time, it will oppress the surrounding renal tissues and therefore impair kidney function. Once kidney loses its ability to regulate blood pressure, high blood pressure occurs.

Since in cases of kidney cyst, high blood pressure usually occurs after kidney function is affected, it can be looked as a symptom that remind of kidney damages for kidney cyst patients. High blood pressure is a harmful medical condition, but since it causes no influence on our body within a short time, it is ignored easily. In cases of kidney cyst, although elevated blood pressure is a symptom, it worsens kidney condition directly. Without effective control, high impacts damage renal blood vessels and accelerates the progression of kidney problem. Therefore, if kidney cyst patients want to avoid further kidney damages, keeping blood pressure under control is very beneficial.

Kidney cyst needs not to be treated if it is very small and meanwhile causes no kidney damages. But in such a case, close observation is necessary and patients need to go hospital regularly to see whether the cyst is enlarging. If the kidney cyst enlarges over time, medical treatment should be given to eliminate or shrink the cyst and this will help to prevent kidney cyst from progressing kidney failure.

In many cases of kidney cyst, patients have no awareness about the cyst unless they go to hospital because of sudden elevated blood pressure. At that time, kidney damages have been caused, so regular examination about kidney is very helpful for prevent kidney cyst.

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