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Can Kidney Cyst Patients Eat Dark Chocolate

2014-12-21 02:01

Can Kidney Cyst Patients Eat Dark ChocolateIf you have advanced kidney cyst, your doctor may tell you to stay away from dark chocolate. Kidney cyst patients had better not eat dark chocolate so as not to worsen their kidney condition and promote the growth of their kidney cyst. Why do kidney cyst patients limit the intake of dark chocolate? Follow us to see the details.

The following are disadvantages of dark chocolate for kidney cyst patients.

1. promote the growth of kidney cyst

As we all know, chocolate contains caffeine which can lead to cystic fluid production and promote the growth of kidney cyst both in numbers and size.

2. high phosphorus level in chocolate

Healthy kidneys can excrete excess potassium and phosphorus into the urine. When kidneys become damaged because of kidney cysts, they are less able to perform these functions. Phosphorus levels begin to creep up. Eating high phosphorus foods such as chocolate can have serious, long term consequences if you have kidney cyst. High phosphorus levels can pull calcium from the bones. Your bones are weaken and you are more vulnerable to fractures. Besides, the calcium can deposit in blood vessels, muscles and other areas.

3. raise blood pressure

Chocolate is made from cacao, which contains a substance called theobromine. This substance can increase high blood pressure, which is the common complication in kidney cyst. Kidney cyst and high blood pressure affect each other. If high blood pressure does not get well controlled, it will cause further kidney damage.

From the above, we can see kidney cyst patients had better not eat dark chocolate. However, it does not mean all people do not eat dark chocolate. Eating chocolate moderately is good for heart and brain, helps control blood sugar. Your doctor or our online doctor will let you know how much chocolate is safe for you to consume.

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