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Will Losing Weight Help Kidneys in PKD

2012-11-05 19:38


I have PKD and now 35 years old. I a bit overeight and want to lose some weight.....will this help my kidneys?


You are no 35 years old, do you have any symptom caused by this disease, such as high blood pressure? Polycystic kidney disease characterized by numerous cysts in the kidneys usually pose symptoms from one's 30s.

As of now, maintaining a healthy weight is important for many reasons, including protection of kidney function. Excess body weight can increase blood pressure and may lead to hormonal changes (hyperinsulinemia) that could possibly accelerate the progression of PKD. However, losing too much weighr or not using a healthful manner in doing so can cause other, possibly unintended complications. Before you take on any weight loss program you should consult your doctor.

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