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Family Tormented by PKD, What to Eat, should I Treat Cyst when It Is not Killing the Kidneys

2012-10-22 16:28


Our family have been tormented with Poly-cystic kidney Disease which later killed our father. Presently some of my sibling and myself have this same kind of Polycystic Kidney. We want to be pro-active in the challenges that come with this terrific disease.

Hence I need your guideline and sincere directive in these aspect;

1. In the things we eat.

2. The means to receive Chinese traditional medicine.

3. Can I treat the kidney now that the cyst have not started killing the kidney

4. ETC?


Polycystic kidney disease is a kind of hereditary disease, so you can see many members in your family have it. PKD causes many cysts to develop in the kidneys, the enlarging cysts can damage kidneys over prolonged periods of time, cause gradual loss of renal functions and kidney failure over time.

For the diet, maybe due to the different cultures, the foods will differ, so i can only give you a guideline:

1. Have less salt food (including preserved food, pickles, tinned meat), spicy food (including hot pepper, liquor, shrimp, crab, etc.) contaminated food (perishable

food, leftovers, etc.) , barbecue. Limit high protein food from animal, and oily food, etc.

2. Take nutritional food.

3. Have high-quality protein food, supply high fibre, rich vitamin food, and, eat low fat and sugar food

4. Have good rest, and don't be too tired

5. Avoid drastic physical strength, and truma on abdomen.

6. Don't smoke or drink.

For PKD, Chinese Medicine Treatment mainly focus on  shrinking the cysts and protecting the kidneys. For it is a hereditary disease, i'm sorry to say that it can't be cured, only can be controlled. When the growth of the cysts are restrained, and progress to kidney failure will be slowed down. And at present, this is the only way to control the disease condition. IT is better to treat it as earlier as possible. Because when the cysts enlarge, that will cause pressure, and also damage to the kidney cells, that will lead to decline of the kidney function. In order to protect the kidneys, it will be better to shrink and control the cysts in early stage.

Really nice to hear from you, and if you have any questions, you can email or call me. Hope my explanations will help you understand the disease.

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