What Does Foamy Urine Indicate In Patient With Lupus Nephritis

2014-01-04 17:15

For patients with lupus nephritis, they may find they have the symptom that there are foams in their urine. Is foamy urine is dangerous sign for patient with lupus nephritis, and what does it indicate?

What does foamy urine indicate?

Foamy urine in patient with lupus nephritis often indicates proteinuria, which means there are lots of protein leaking out through patient’s urine.

In nor condition, there is little protein in our urine, but when patient’s kidney structure is damaged by his disease, that may lead to much protein in urine, which can cause foams on the surface of patient’s urine.

Is foamy urine always a dangerous sign for patient with lupus nephritis?

In fact, foamy urine may be a dangerous sign for patient with kidney disease, because it is very likely to be a reflection of kidney damage.

For patient with kidney disease, the immune complexes will accumulate in their glomeruli, and that can cause damage in there. And when immune complexes accumulate in glomerular mesangial area, that will damage the filtration membrane, which may increase its permeability. While when the permeability of filtration membrane is increased, the protein in patient’s blood will leak out from blood, and that will lead to proteinuria. Because the leaked protein can damage glomeruli, so if it has not been well controlled, it can aggravate patient’s condition severely.

On the other hand, sometimes foamy urine may not be a dangerous sign, because many factors can lead to protein leaking. For example, when patient has taken strenuous exercise, or if patient takes much foods that contain abundant protein, they will also cause patient to have proteinuria. Besides, if patient is a diabetes, he will also have foamy urine, which is caused by the high level of glucose in it.

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