What Can I Drink Or Take To Protect My Kidneys

2015-09-19 02:05

What Can I Drink Or Take To Protect My KidneysHere are some friends with similar question as we. What drinks are good for protecting kidneys? In this article, we will list some foods and drinks to protect kidneys.

1. Cranberry juice

It contains a compound that stops bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract wall and traveling up the ureter into the kidneys. Drinking a glass of cranberry juice may reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections that can turn into kidney infections.

2. Lemon and lime citrus juice

They are also beneficial because they contain rich citrate. Citrate helps prevent calcium from binding with minerals in the kidneys, creating crystals that form kidney stones.

3. Wine

Drinking less than one glass of wine per day may keep the kidneys healthy and protect the heart in people with kidney disease. People who drink less than one glass of wine each day have a significantly lower prevalence of chronic kidney disease than those who do not drink wine.

4. Water

Water aids the kidneys to discharge wastes and toxins from the blood and remove them from the body as urine. Too little water declines kidney function, reducing the ability of the kidneys to filter and release any settled minerals that may lead to stones.

5. Beet juice

Beet juice contains betaine, a beneficial phytochemical which has antioxidant qualities and increases the acidity of urine. This can help clear calcium phosphate and struvite buildup from the kidneys. The removal of calcium in the kidneys not only improves kidney function, but also decreases the risk of kidney stones.

Beverages with added sodium and caffeine, such as soda and coffee, should be consumed moderately, since they place stress to kidneys by making them work extra hard to remove these fluids as waste. The above is only general information. Nutrition needs vary from person to person depending on body size, activity, the stage of kidney disease and other health concerns. You should talk to a renal dietitian to find a meal plan that meets your needs.

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