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How Does Diabetes Develop To Uremia Within A Short Period of Six Years

2018-01-29 09:57

How Does Diabetes Develop To Uremia Within A Short Period of Six YearsDiabetes develops to uremia within a short period of six years. This patient is just 62 years old but he has to rely on dialysis to sustain his life.

6 years ago, Mr Hu was diagnosed with high blood sugar level. Then he experienced dryness of the mouth, urorrhagia, polydipsia and polyphagia. He is a diabetic patient. However, because blood sugar is not controlled well, gradually he has blurred vision, chest distress, shortness of breath and poor sleep quality.

Actually diabetes has a higher risk to develop to uremia. About 50% uremia patients is also diabetic patients.

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the complications of diabetes. It can be divided into five stages:

1. In the stage of Glomerular hyperfiltration and renal hypertrophy, your condition can be controlled.

2. In normal albuminuria stage, renal glomerular filtration rate is higher than normal range, and it is time to control your blood sugar.

3. In early stage of diabetic nephropathy, renal glomerular filtration rate is lower than normal range. Microalbuminuria can be detected and you can only improve it.

4. In clinical diabetic nephropathy stage, GFR will keep on declining. At this time, patients usually have whole body swelling.

5. In end stage renal disease, GFR is less than 10ml/min and the amount of urine protein decreased due to glomerular sclerosis. In this case, you can only take dialysis.

How to control diabetic nephropathy?

1. Control blood sugar

HbA1c should be controlled under 7%.

2. Dietary therapy

In early stage, you should limit protein intake to 0.8g/kg.d. As for those with massive proteinuria and kidney failure, protein intake can be limited to 0.6g/kg.d.

3. Control blood pressure

Blood pressure should be controlled below 140/90mmHg. High blood pressure inPatients with diabetes and kidney disease should be below 130/80mmHg.

4. Alternative therapy for end stage renal disease

You can choose hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

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