Treatment for Stage 3 Kidney Failure in PKD

2014-01-03 17:16

PKD is a genetic progressive kidney disorder.By age 60,more than half of PKD patients will develop kidney failure.A person with stage 3 kidney failure has moderated kidney damage with a number of complications and discomforts of kidney damage. What is the treatment for stage 3 kidney failure in PKD?

Stage 3 kidney failure in PKD

PKD is featured with numerous cysts in both kidneys.With age, the cysts will increase in both size and number ceaselessly.On one hand,the enlarged cysts will replace more and more nephrons,thus resulting in renal function decline.On the other hand,the enlarged cysts will cause pressure against the adjacent nephrons.Without adequate oxygen,the nephrons will become scarred.

In stage 3 Kidney Failure in PKD,the kidneys are damaged moderately. It is an important phase for seeking for an aggressive treatment.Otherwise,the kidney damage will become irreversible.

Treatment for stage 3 kidney failure in PKD

The treatment goals of treating stage 3 kidney failure in PKD include controlling the large cysts on kidneys and reversing kidney damage.

Hot Compress Therapy is an effective treatment for stage 3 kidney failure in PKD.This is an externally applied natural remedy in which various kinds of Chinese herbs are used in it. This therapy works in the following ways to treat PKD with kidney damage.

Firstly,the effective Chinese medicine ingredients can improve the permeability of cyst wall.The cystic fluid will be filtered out of the cysts into blood vessels by the pressure difference inside and outside of cyst wall.The cystic fluid will be finally removed from body through systemic circulation.If so,the large cysts will be shrunk.

Secondly,by killing the lining cells on cyst wall,no more cystic fluid will be produced.Hence,the cysts will stop enlarging.

Thirdly,the most important treatment effect of hot compress therapy is that it can activate the self-healing ability of the body.If the impaired nephrons can be repaired, renal function will be enhanced remarkably in stage 3 kidney failure in PKD.

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