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Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) have thousands of years history in China and it is the precious heritage of Chinese culture.It has great advantages compared with Western treatme...more

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Q:Diabetes, 59 Years Old, Female, 30% Kidney Function

A:I am a 59 years old diabetic, and now only 30% of my kidney function is left. I am fem...More

Q:Stem Cell Transplant And ESRD Treatment

A:I am an end stage renal disease (ESRD) patient and cannot afford the expenses in Phili...More

Q:Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for CKD Patients with Creatinine 4.0 and Urea 55

A:Question: This is Sherifa from India, 60 years old female with CKD. Now I am providing...More

Q:What Should I Do to Bring Creatinine Back into Normal with Hypertension and Diabetes

A:My husband has Hypertension then became diabetic, heart getting bigger then Kidney hig...More

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Kidney Function And Nettle Tea

Kidney Function And Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is often prescribed by doctors to i

Should I Cut Back on Meat Protein if My BUN Is High

Should I Cut Back on Meat Protein if My BUN Is High

BUN is an indicator of kidney function. In the

How Do We Prevent Kidney Disease

How Do We Prevent Kidney Disease

Kidney disease or renal disease can be classif


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What are the Effects of Ketosteril for Lowering Creatinine

Ketosteril is generally known as Compound α-Ketoacid Tablets and it is used ..

What Is Renal Parenchymal Disease

Renal parenchymal disease is not a single disease but a ...

What Should I Do with Stage 5 CKD Secondary to Polycystic Kidney Disease

CKD includes many kinds of kidney disease...

How to Repair Kidney Damages in CKD

Some patients believe damaged kidneys can...

Is Shortness of Breath Common with Kidney Failure

For healthy people, shortness of breath o...

Treatment to Restore Kidney Function

What are the treatment methods to restore...

Is Horseradish Good for Kidney Patients

Many people may be not strange to horsera...

Does Dialysis Help Produce Urine

With the decline of kidney function, urin...

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